Rachelle Daniels

"Ginny’s work with Psyche-K is amazing! Her ability to get right to the issue is spot on, and she walked me through the process with easy-to-follow guidance. I wanted to work on self-limiting beliefs and after the process I started seeing and feeling results in my life the very next day!  I had a terrific business idea I plan to implement that I had never thought of before, and it was something that I should have seen, but now realize my self-limiting beliefs were blocking that idea from coming to me.  I also started feeling more relaxed and settled into my knowing that I am on my path, and the following week I signed up a new client and have had many more calls than before.  If you haven’t tried Psyche-K I would recommend it, and I highly recommend Ginny as a practitioner, wonderful healer and human"! ~ Rachelle Daniels, Energy Minister and Health Coach, Pacific Grove, CA

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