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If you are not sure which session is best for you or you are interested in learning more about one of my Vibrant Energy Programs, then start by scheduling a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call with me.

PSYCH-K® Session (75 minutes)

This 75 minute appointment is for PSYCH-K. We will discover what your current experience is around a topic, what you would prefer to experience and then do the PSYCH-K balances that can start the subconscious mindset changes that will create the potential that allows you to successfully achieve your goals.

HeartMath® Coaching (60 minutes)

This is a 60 minute session to help you master the HeartMath breathing and calming techniques. If you haven’t already purchased the Inner Balance sensor, be sure to use the link on the Booking page to order it right away so you have it for your session.

Emotion/Body Code Session (60 minutes)

This is a 60 minute session of Emotion and/or Body Code work. We will use remote muscle testing to assist you in identifying trapped negative emotions and potentially other energetic imbalances that can be affecting the issues you’d like to address. Be sure to be well hydrated before your session.

NES Health Scan and Consultation (60 minutes)

This is a 60 minute zoom or phone consultation to review your NES health scan results and give you recommendations to help balance any energetic blocks or distortions.

Free AO Demo Scan (20 minutes)

This is a 20 minute audio or video call so that you can experience some of the AO Scan features. Once your appointment is created, I will send you an email that explains how it works with instructions on how to send me the identifying info we need to scan you: date of birth, height in inches, weight in lbs, and a selfie headshot from neck up with blank background. You will be so fascinated by your scan results!
Ginny Miller

Hi, I’m Ginny!

As an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, I can help you obtain transformative results when we collaborate during individual sessions or through comprehensive programs. I’ve trained with some of the top Energy Medicine Practitioners, Wellness Coaches, and Intuitive Healers in the world. I have a large toolbox of modalities and information to share that will empower you to achieve your life goals. My personal journey of healing has provided me with the skills and knowledge to guide you on your own path to A NEW VIBRANT YOU!

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