Energize Your Life Program

Free yourself from fatigue so you can live a full life!

This program is for you if you are tired of being tired all the time. You just feel sluggish and experience brain fog, no matter how much coffee or caffeine you have. You just can’t seem to get enough good quality sleep. Maybe you drag yourself out of bed each morning and find yourself yawning all day long. You might not have enough energy to play with your kids or grandkids or take your dog for long walks. You may need naps in the afternoon and have a hard time focusing on your work. Or you may feel wired and tired at night and don’t get to sleep until late into the night.

What are the potential benefits of this program?

  • Gain consistent, balanced energy that allows you to be more productive
  • Have energy to enjoy your hobbies and fun activities
  • Be fully present and spend more quality time with your family and friends
  • Reverse blocking factors that have been keeping you fatigued
  • Be able to participate in life in a whole new way
  • Learn how to optimize your circadian rhythm, which is needed to get deep, restful sleep

How do we co-create your new energized life?

The 9 Session “Energize Your Life” Program Includes:

  1. (9) hours of private, one-on-one session time with Ginny, on audio or video call.
  2. The PSYCH-K® Core Beliefs Balance to set the stage for self-empowerment through transforming limiting core beliefs.
  3. A variety of mind-body and energy psychology modalities that will be determined based on your goals, my recommendations, muscle testing results, and which ones you would like to experience.  Most popular options are PSYCH-K®, Emotion/Body Code®, HeartMath®, NES Health® and Solex® AO Scanner.
  4. Educational materials to support you, such as pdfs, articles, and videos.
  5. Written sessions notes with action steps and suggestions.

A beautiful Welcome Package ($75 value) will be sent to you including:

  1. A customized essential oil blend that I create just for you
  2. A bottle of homeopathic pellets that I imprint with a customized bioenergetic frequency from my Solex AO Scanning device
  3. A beautiful “Vibrant Energy” engraved river stone
  4. A quartz crystal healing point
  5. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Honeymoon Effect” book

Your Energy Exchange Investment in the NEW VIBRANT YOU $1189

Ginny Miller

Hi, I’m Ginny!

As an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, I can help you obtain transformative results when we collaborate during individual sessions or through comprehensive programs. I’ve trained with some of the top Energy Medicine Practitioners, Wellness Coaches, and Intuitive Healers in the world. I have a large toolbox of modalities and information to share that will empower you to achieve your life goals. My personal journey of healing has provided me with the skills and knowledge to guide you on your own path to A NEW VIBRANT YOU!

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