"I have really enjoyed all my PSYCH-K sessions with Ginny. The processes are powerful and I’ve been amazed at how accurate the Core Beliefs Balance has been. This balance has showed up as the best balance to use for both my business and self love goals. It makes so much sense that my subconscious mind needs to be able to truly feel self-worth, unconditional love and forgiveness before I would be capable of achieving my goals. Since working with Ginny I have found freedom from the guilt of charging the allotted rate for my services as a Life Care Assistant and I feel more comfortable in my skin. I am so grateful for Ginny, she creates a very kind, safe place for me during the sessions in which I feel able to reveal my personal wishes and beliefs without judgement only compassion and aid. I look forward to continuing this profound work together"
JoAnne Roth
Life Care Assistant, Monterey, CA
"Ginny’s work with Psyche-K is amazing! Her ability to get right to the issue is spot on, and she walked me through the process with easy-to-follow guidance. I wanted to work on self-limiting beliefs and after the process I started seeing and feeling results in my life the very next day! I had a terrific business idea I plan to implement that I had never thought of before, and it was something that I should have seen, but now realize my self-limiting beliefs were blocking that idea from coming to me. I also started feeling more relaxed and settled into my knowing that I am on my path, and the following week I signed up a new client and have had many more calls than before. If you haven’t tried Psyche-K I would recommend it, and I highly recommend Ginny as a practitioner, wonderful healer and human!"
Rachelle Daniels
Energy Minister and Health Coach, Pacific Grove, CA
"I worked with Ginny on a Body Code package and was extremely happy with my results. Ginny, is an amazing practitioner. She is intuitive, gentle, calming and very knowledgeable. I’ve been working on myself physically, mentally and spiritually for many years and have come a long way. But I’m always looking to go further. Ginny was able to help me do this be uncovering some energetic and physical blocks that were impeding my further progression. She’s not only an amazing healer, she is also an amazing person who will lift you up just by being in her presence. I can’t recommend enough."
Ryan Syverson
Functional Health Practitioner, Chicago, IL
"I enjoyed my PSYCH-K® session with Ginny. It gave me awareness of an issue that I now realize I have much more control over than I thought. Ginny gave me a couple of tools to use to solidify the effects of the session. Since my session, it has gotten better and I feel more aligned and on track"
Mika Leone-Pettit
Metaphysical Counselor, West Coast Mexico-Riveria Nayarit
"Ginny is truly a gifted healer. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and professional. A complete inspiration! Ginny really walks her talk. I'm grateful for all the progress I've made working with Ginny and can't wait until our next session"!
Cate Ritter
Wellness Coach, Bend, OR
"I loved working with Ginny on getting rid of trapped emotions using the Emotion Code® method. I believe emotions are a major component to healing and can be at the root of many health problems. I will definitely be recommending her to my own health clients".
Shannon South
Functional Nutritionist, Brooklyn, NY
"Ginny is very gifted! She is easy to talk to and really cares about the person she is helping! Driven by her own experiences, she is committed to helping you get better!"
Tina Ahmann
Medi-Spa owner, Colorado Springs, CO
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